What was a Dinosaur?

You may be surprised to learn that there were no flying dinosaurs or dinosaurs in the sea! They are called ‘Flying Reptiles’ and ‘Marine Reptiles’ respectively . But what about all the reptile like creatures that lived millions of years ago? David Gelsthorpre from Manchester Museum explains how to tell what is, and what isn’t a dinosaur.

Did Dinosaurs live in Britain?

The evidence shows us that they did. They even left their footprints for us to see!

What did they eat?

By examining fossilised teeth and comparing them to animals that are alive today, palaeontologists can deduce what they may have eaten.

What is a dinosaur?

What is a dinosaur?
The position of the legs1080p video

Virtual Reality Plesiosaur Encounter

The Museum of Manchester is home to the world’s most complete Plesiosaur fossil skeleton. Discovery Education have created a VR experience that brings this beautiful marine reptile to life. Take a journey in the TimePod back 150 million years to see the plesiosaur swim in the early Jurassic seas.

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