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WELCOME TO Fossils and Dinosaurs

This resource guides you through the development of life on our planet over billions of years; from the very first signs of life (3 billion years ago) through the ‘Cambrian Explosion’ of life (500 million years ago), to the emergence and subsequent demise of the dinosaurs (65 million years ago) and finally to the evolution of Homo Sapiens ( a mere 2 million years in the past).

This period of time spans the existence of the Earth as it developed over 4 billion years, which in itself is a difficult and abstract concept to teach due to the vast amount of time involved. ‘Fossils and Dinosaurs’ is broken down into topics to support you to teach this fascinating and exciting subject. It will help you to explain human beings’ appearance and dominance on the planet as well as the impact and threat posed to its very existence as we consume the fossil fuels left behind. All helping to explain to your pupils the incredible story of life on Earth.

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